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The journey that led to the creation of BigStorming® continues. Following that same vein of innovative thinking, Barefoot Brainstorming offers three new Training Workshops. During her time in advertising, Marilyn held many senior roles. Two of her favourite areas of focus were “presentations” and “new business.”

Presentation Skills & Storytelling Strategies

When your team makes a presentation, they should be telling a story – and your audience should be on the edge of their seats. If that’s not happening, you may want to consider our Presentation Skills & Storytelling Strategies workshops. During this high energy, hands on workshop guests will learn;

  • exclamation pointThe steps to effective story structure
  • exclamation point12 incredibly simple steps to presenting your ideas
  • exclamation pointHow to emotionally connect with your audience
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New Business Strategies

A business is like a human body. If you only breathe the air you just exhaled, you’ll die. And new business? New business is like oxygen. It energizes, stimulates and nourishes. To keep your business vital and energized, please check out our New Business Strategies workshops. During this fast paced and interactive workshop, guests will learn;

  • exclamation pointThe role of social media in generating new business
  • exclamation pointHow to generate organic growth from existing clients
  • exclamation pointHow to leverage existing relationships to generate new business
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The Power of LEGO® Serious Play®

LEGO® Serious Play® is a natural complement to BigStorming®. And since controlled play is at the heart of unlocking creativity, what better way to play than with LEGO®?

The Power of LEGO® Serious Play® is a highly effective problem-solving tool that’s been used by some of Europe’s largest blue-chip corporations – and it is now emerging in North America as one of the hottest new techniques for driving innovative thinking.

Recent scientific studies show that our hands are connected to 70-80% of our brain cells. Our brains, conversely, are limited by how much information they can handle at one time. By stimulating the neural connections in our hands, we can actually “know” a lot more at any given moment than we’re consciously aware of.

Marilyn Barefoot is only one of a handful of certified LEGO® Serious Play® facilitators in North America. During this workshop, guests will learn;

  • exclamation pointHow to “break with tradition” by enabling insights and imagination through play
  • exclamation pointHow ideas are expressed in greater detail, and therefore easier to understand and remember when they are built with Lego® bricks
  • exclamation pointThat play levels the playing field by engaging 100% attention and participation
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Lego Serious Play