Brainstorming Sessions

Whether you’re a brand that needs to come up with its next new sales or marketing idea, or an agency preparing for an important presentation, Barefoot Brainstorming will empower your organization to unlock its biggest and best ideas. Our mission: to spur innovation and creativity into your organization at any level, for any assignment.


Where do Big Ideas come from and how do you get them?

Through research and experimentation, Barefoot Brainstorming has developed a process guaranteed to produce Big Ideas – BigStorming®, a customized method designed to kick-start the ideation process and deliver the biggest and best ideas.

Every BigStorming® session is different, designed to address your goals, number of attendees, location and budget. For every session, Barefoot Brainstorming will design a detailed and customized proposal outlining the flow of the session.

At our high energy, hands-on sessions led by Marilyn Barefoot, guests will learn and apply a number of unique brainstorming techniques that are guaranteed to generate Big Ideas.

  • exclamation point12 simple steps to incredibly Big Ideas
  • exclamation pointAccess to scientifically proven processes
  • exclamation pointInvite clients to co-create at these sessions
  • exclamation pointYour team accesses a bigger world of possibilities

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Everyone knows how to brainstorm, right? Well, actually, no.

And that’s where LearnStorming® comes in. It provides the training your people need to productively and systematically engage in brainstorming, and how to effectively facilitate brainstorming sessions themselves.

LearnStorming® teaches your team how to apply the ’12 Simple Steps to Incredibly Big Ideas’ during a BigStorming® session – proprietary exercises that add fun, innovation and Big Ideas to your brainstorming sessions. We’ll even check your process after the initial LearnStorming® session with a series of tune-ups.

  • exclamation pointImprove the skill set of key employees
  • exclamation pointShort-term value from ideas generated at the session
  • exclamation pointLong-term value from brainstorming as a in-house capability

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Ongoing Services: Follow-up Sessions

Big Idea Selection

To further add value to your BigStorming® session, Marilyn can also conduct a “Big Idea Selection” workshop after the initial session. During this workshop, Marilyn will work with you to review all of the ideas generated by your team and put them through a creative and strategic filter. These workshops are a tremendous assistance in helping you to select the biggest and most strategic ideas.

Here’s how it works: at the conclusion of every BigStorming® session, Barefoot Brainstorming will supply you with a comprehensive report detailing all of the Big Ideas generated during the session. We will then construct and facilitate a workshop to generate the criteria for selecting the very best ideas.

Final Ideas

Once the team has completed the Big Idea Selection, the short list of Big Ideas might still need some additional development and polishing. A Final Ideas facilitated session offers that last layer of close attention and review – along with detailed discussions about executional excellence. Final Ideas is an offering that provides the careful and nuanced attention to detail that every Big Idea needs to get liftoff and traction.

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