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August 10, 2017

The Importance of Storytelling in Business – The Dr. Vibe Show™

Chatting with Dr. Vibe is one of my favourite things to do! It’s like putting on your favourite pair of jeans and kicking off your shoes on a Friday afternoon. It’s comfortable, fun and just feels right!

Recently, Dr. Vibe and I had a conversation about ‘Storytelling in Business’.

For most of my clients, there is an acceptable corporate approach to making a presentation. It’s safe, it’s approved, and everyone in the organization uses it… But oftentimes, it’s really boring!

I truly believe presentations should be conversations – a dialogue between you and the audience. It’s much more engaging to turn the lights up a little and actively involve your audience rather than stand behind a podium and stare out into a black sea of racoon eyes.

By the way… Never, ever use a podium! It creates a physical and psychological barrier between you and your audience.

The key to storytelling is to share a piece of your self with the audience. I don’t mean talking about your dog or cat just for the sake of it, but rather using a personal story to make a business point that is relevant to your subject.

We are all human beings who enjoy forming connections with other human beings. Personal stories are the key to creating those connections particularly in business.

Please take a look at the interview! I hope you enjoy the stories.

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