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July 4, 2017

How a Fidget Spinner Could Be Your Brainstorm Toolbox’s Best Friend

As a child in school my teacher Miss Dale used to yell at me to “Stop fidgeting!”

“It helps me to think!”, I would respond.

“No, it doesn’t. That’s ridiculous!”, she would retort. She was completely unwilling to entertain that idea.

Well, it turns out Miss Dale was wrong. Playing, doodling and fidget spinning are all very productive for creative thinking and active listening. When we use our left and right hands, we tap into 80% of our brain!

Can fidget spinners double as brainstorming tools?

I recently had the privilege of working with The Co-operators in Guelph. It was a group of 20 comprised of Gen X, Gen Y, and Millennials.

The first thing they asked me as I was setting up their team tables with Play-Doh and tactile toys was, “Do you have any fidget spinners?”

Thankfully, after looking around carefully and doing some price-comparison shopping, I had purchased several just the day before. I was only able to purchase 10, so they had to share and they did that very “co-operatively!”

Wow — I was truly amazed by how popular they were, and by all of the crazy tricks the group could perform with them! It reminded me of the kids in school who had perfected the art of spinning a pen or a pencil over their thumb knuckle (Miss Dale also used to yell at them!)

It’s pretty much the same thing — just enhanced when using a fidget spinner. When it comes to fidget spinners, I am a total fan… but then again I have always been a fan of fidgeting!

The ideas the Co-operators teams created that day were incredible. Did the fidget spinners help? I think so… And you can take that to the bank Miss Dale!

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