Big ideas guaranteed. And big ideas drive results.

What The Clients Say

  • “Marilyn Barefoot has a unique ability to see the big picture and help connect the dots…which helped deliver breakthrough results.”

    – Kevin Matier, Vice President/General Manager FoodService, Campbell Soup Company

  • "We had Marilyn develop the agenda and then host not one but two sessions for the Viacom Media Networks' Music and Entertainment group…the feedback was phenomenal from our team and better yet, the actual results of their learnings turned into much better, well-thought out work."

    Dario Spina, EVP Integrated Marketing, Viacom Velocity, Music and Entertainment

  • “Her work for us in the area of new business development has been uniquely original and usable.”

    – Carl Schubert, Vice President, MHz Design Communications Inc.

Big ideas can dramatically accelerate your company.
But don’t take our word for it.

Instead, consider the glowing testimonials that punctuate every page of this site. Barefoot Brainstorming’s biggest fans are results-driven executives at Fortune 500 companies. Consider also that leading business publications, from Fast Company to Forbes, put much of their focus on the Most Creative People in Business and the Most Innovative Companies. It’s undeniable: big ideas are transforming the global economy and Barefoot Brainstorming has a proven track record for unlocking the best and biggest ideas at companies large and small. Here are four ways we can help:



Creativity impacts your bottom line. Here’s how.

This site brims with testimonials from our clients: new concepts developed, new business won, existing clients impressed and employees re-energized about their roles. That translates to ROI. Please click here to learn more about how our BigStorming® sessions can generate the same results for your organization. And yes, we know “brainstorming” isn’t a typical item in a budget; then again, we’re not big fans of conventional thinking. “Most organizations can survive and even thrive on good recycled ideas for a while,” says Marilyn Barefoot, our founder and president. “But real growth and real success depend on a continuous supply of innovative thinking.”

Learn About BigStorming®

Innovation is what separates leaders from followers. At least that’s what Steve Jobs thought.

It’s a simple decision: do you want to be a leader or a follower in your industry? Leaders are innovators, there’s no other way to get there. But how to spark innovative thinking – not only from your senior team, but across your entire organization? Barefoot Brainstorming offers BigStorming®, LearnStorming® and an array of creative services including training workshops and keynotes. Take, for example, The Power of LEGO® Serious Play®. This powerful and highly effective problem-solving tool has been used by Europe’s largest blue-chip corporations – and it’s now emerging in North America as one of the hottest new techniques for driving innovative thinking. “It’s my job to give my clients permission to be as innovative as they’re capable of being,” says Marilyn Barefoot.


Need to drive sales? Storytelling strategies can revitalize your bottom line.

When you’re team makes a presentation, they’re telling a story – and your client should be on the edge of their seats. If that’s not happening, you may want to consider our Presentation Skills & Storytelling Strategies workshops. These are high-energy and hands-on sessions that teach key techniques about how to capture and hold your audience’s attention – focusing on emotional connections, storytelling structure and simple tips that generate results. You’ll also benefit from Marilyn’s keen analytical intelligence and her 20 years of experience in sales and client relations. “You’ve got to be smart, passionate and fun-loving,” says Marilyn. “And hip-deep in your clients business.”

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If you’re not winning new business, it’s time to re-evaluate. Here are a few things you may want to consider.

A business is like a human body. If you only breathe the air you just exhaled, you’ll die. And new business? New business is like oxygen. It energizes, stimulates and nourishes. To keep your business vital and energized, please check out our New Business Strategies workshops. They cover everything from how to leverage existing relationships to the role of social media in driving new business. Most of all, they will get you thinking. And as Marilyn says, “It’s really fun to take your brain out of the garage and drive it as fast as it will go.”


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Our clients say great things about us.
Our track record speaks for itself.

Barefoot Brainstorming works with large and small businesses around the world. And Marilyn Barefoot, our founder and president, is a highly sought-after speaker on the creative and ideation process at events and conferences.

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